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1) to the Act n. 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data, files and liberties.
2) Law no. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 on confidence in the digital economy.

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Patient Information

Dr. Germain aesthetic doctor in Toulouse is a member of Morphological Medicine Association and anti-aging

Physician members are committed to respect our code of ethics and professional conduct, they must use only products complying with the instructions of the DGS and AFSSAPS, that is to say products with CE or WMA.

They should not practice lipotomy we formally prohibons or use products such as soy lecithin or choline Phosphatidyl which are strictly contrary to the regulations.


I undertake to respect the rules of good clinical and ethical practice of the Medical Association and Aesthetic Mesotherapy France - International (AMME France - International), namely:
1. Establish a clear and transparent relationship with my patient in my practice and my qualifications.
2. Establish a quote and price consultations with tact and moderation.
3. Ensure the patient absolute security in our practice, for the exclusive use of pharmaceutical products with a marketing authorization (Authorisation on the Market) registered at the French AFSSAPS, medical devices comply with the regulations in force.
4. Use only disposable material (syringes, needles, packaging solid dose kits, etc.)
5. Respect the rules of disinfection doctor's hands before and after each medical examination.
6. Respect the rules of cleaning, sterilization of materials and devices.
7. Follow the cleaning and disinfection rules the patient's skin as recommended recommended by the Ministry of Health with products recognized by the French pharmacopoeia and following the manufacturers recommendations.
8. Have any maintenance contracts for equipment used (laser, care equipment, injectors guns ...) and recommended by the manufacturers.
9. Maintain my level of training through participation in UPR (Post Academics Courses) with at least one regional or national conference workshop annually recognized by the AMME.
10. Share my knowledge and experience with my companions of the AMME, ethically and not lucrative.

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