Permanent laser hair removal

For several years now, laser hair removal is more and more practiced due to its comfort and efficiency. It is now the reference treatment in order to remove ungraceful pilosity. In Toulouse, Doctor Germain, aesthetic medicine practitioner, proposes permanent laser hair removal for women and men with a diode laser. Diode lasers which have a wavelength of 800 nanometers (nm) are amongst the most reliable for hair removal. The diode laser allows to treat numerous skin phototypes. It also allows to rapidly treat small or large body areas: armpits, legs, bikini line, shoulders, back, face, etc. The use of the diode laser is reserved to medical doctors specialized in laser hair removal. Doctor Germain regularly trains in different techniques of aesthetic medicine. Doctor Germain holds an Inter-University Medical Laser Diploma from the University of Toulouse III.


Doctor Germain, aesthetic doctor, practices himself all medical interventions in the office and especially laser hair removal.

According to the law, all laser hair removal treatments must be done necessarily by medical doctors and must not be delegated to non-doctor staff. According to Article 2 of the Decree of 6 January 1962, amended by the Decree of 22 February 2000 and approved by the Council of State (French: Conseil d'État) the 28 March 2013: “laser hair removal treatments must be done by medical doctors”.

First consultation

The first consultation in view of a laser hair removal is free. Doctor Germain will explain the indications of your hair removal after a personalized examination of your skin and of the different areas to treat. He will explain the principle of action and the way the laser hair removal works.


During this first consultation, Doctor Germain will ask you questions in order to detect eventual contraindications to the treatment and he will recommend the number of sessions in order to obtain the desired result. He will give you an informed consent form and a quotation. The quotation is personalized according to the patient because the pilosity can considerably vary from one individual to another. The price will thus vary according to the necessary number of sessions for a permanent hair removal.

How does the laser hair removal work?

This technique is based on the effect of light absorbed by the hair. The laser sends beams of light captured by the melanin (the pigment that gives the color to the hairs). The light will thus be guided towards the hair bulb that will be destroyed through vaporization under the heat effect. The hair removal laser is efficient only during the anagen phase according to the skin phototype.


The doctor and the patient wear protection glasses. The doctor applies the laser with the help of different handpieces according to the area to treat. The skin is protected by the heat emitted because it absorbs a lot less energy from the laser beam light than the hair. The patient can resume his activities after the session. The skin presents redness in the treated area but this will fade away rapidly by applying a soothing cream such as Aloe Vera.


Between two sessions of laser hair removal it is possible to shave if needed, but it is not recommended to remove hairs with tweezers. It is mandatory to protect from the sun the body areas that are exposed and not to apply self-tanners.

An efficient technique

Laser hair removal is very efficient. The destruction of the hairs by the laser beams of light is permanent. On the other hand, the hairs have a growth cycle consisting in 3 stages and only the hairs in the visible phase are removed. This explains the fact that several sessions spaced out of several weeks are necessary in order to destroy all hairs as they become visible during their growth phase. Phenomena of light regrowth spaced out in time can appear after the treatment. These are often previously inactive hair bulbs that produce hairs punctually, normal phenomenon in the life of each and one of us. Given the weakness of the regrowth, a simple follow-up session once a year is enough to eliminate the hairs.

Frequency and duration of the hair removal sessions

The treatment duration and its efficiency can vary from a person to another.

Each person has a different skin and hair type. You need to count on average 12 to 15 months to treat an entire area (armpits or half-legs, for example) and 5 to 8 sessions by area with a session every 8 weeks. The session lasts 30 minutes.

What do we feel?

A sensation of tingling or burn can be felt during the treatment. The patients often describe the impact of light beams like the sensation of “a rubber band snap on the skin”. The doctor can advise an anesthetic cream for the areas to be treated. The hair removal laser device has a cooling tip at 4°C which, on contact with the skin, improves the comfort and protects the epidermis. The laser hair removal treatment is noninvasive and does not require social isolation.


This technique must be used with care on dark skins because they contain a lot of melanin. It is formally prohibited for children or pregnant women as well as for patients having certain skin conditions and under drug treatment.

Our recommendations

> Before laser hair removal

In order for your laser hair removal session to take place in the best possible comfort conditions, we advise you to have a tan-free skin and to shave 3 days before the session. Thus, avoid all sun exposure in the weeks previous to your hair removal session. Also, avoid the use of a depilatory cream before and during the treatment.

> After laser hair removal

Avoid all sun exposure of the treated areas for 2 to 4 weeks and protect your skin with a sunscreen with the maximum SPF (Sun Protection Factor). Apply a soothing cream like Aloe Vera on the treated areas. Avoid all aggressive product or treatment of the treated areas: exfoliation, deodorant, sauna, too hot bath. It is important to stop all hair removal with wax or depilatory cream. Pulling out the hair bulb renders the laser treatment less efficient and increases the number of sessions. The hair removal is permanent; the hairs do not regrow even if the sessions become less frequent. In case of treatment interruption it is recommenced to shave while waiting for the next session.

The difference between laser hair removal and flash lamp hair removal

Numerous hair removal techniques are called laser hair removal even if it is not the same technology. Only lasers are powerful enough to permanently destroy hairs. That is why the laser hair removal treatment must be done under medical control. Flash lamp (or IPL) hair removal is a lot less efficient than laser because it is not the same device. Numerous sessions will be needed and they are incomparably less efficient. Despite the fact that the sessions are less expensive, the whole treatment is often more expensive given the fact that the number of sessions is higher for results that are often disappointing.


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Your laser hair removal session by Dr. Germain in Toulouse