Permanent hair removal presentation by Doctor Germain

The laser hair removal sessions are done by the Doctor Germain himself.


At his office, Doctor Germain, holding an Inter-University Diploma of Medical Lasers from the University of Toulouse III, takes care in person of the laser hair removal sessions. For this treatment, the Doctor Germain is equipped in Diode Lasers that allow to treat small (face) or extended (body) areas in women or men. Amongst the most efficient lasers that exist on the market, they allow to treat numerous different skin phototypes. In order to find out more about laser hair removal, please read our FAQ dedicated to permanent hair removal.


All laser hair removal treatments must necessarily be done by a doctor holding a European Inter-University Medical Laser Diploma and must not be delegated to non-doctor staff, according to Article 2 of the Decree of 6 January 1962, amended by the Decree of 22 February 2000 and approved by the Council of State (French: Conseil d'État) the 28 March 2013.

Preliminary consultation

The first consultation in preparation for laser hair removal is free.


We put at your disposal on this web site, comprehensive information concerning laser hair removal, but all treatment projects will be discussed in a particular consultation with Doctor Germain.


What happens during the hair removal session?

In order to have more information on the laser hair removal sessions please read the information page detailing the specific features of the sessions.

Hair removal prices

Hair removal lasers are specific medical lasers different than Intense Pulsed Light lamps used in beauty institutes. They must necessarily be used by medical doctors. Only the power of hair removal lasers is capable of a genuinely permanent hair removal.

Prices of laser hair removal

Prices of the different laser hair removal treatments proposed in the office of Doctor Germain are detailed by body area. Doctor Germain also offers hair removal prices by packages of several grouped body areas. You can consult our prices for women and men.

Prices for women
Prices for men

Your questions

For any other question concerning laser hair removal treatment, do not hesitate to consult our dedicated FAQ page.

Laser hair removal in Toulouse by Dr. Germain