Mesotherapy as hair loss treatment

The mesotherapy treatment, called mesopecia is an effective technique. It consists in injecting intradermally a combination of active pharmaceutical ingredients, in order to stimulate the vitality of the scalp, to decrease the level of seborrhea and to slow down hair loss by hair bulb stimulation.

In which cases can the hair mesotherapy be used?

They vary according to patient’s gender and age, as well as to the alopecia origin. Mesotherapy used against hair loss represents an excellent way of supplementing alopecia treatment (partial or total hair loss) up to stage IV in men and up to stage II in women.

Dull and devitalized hairs can effectively be helped by mesotherapy treatments or more particularly mesopecia.


Alopecia disseminata, generally caused by worries, stress, disease, tiredness or even pregnancy, is an excellent case in which the hair mesotherapy gives excellent results. On the other hand, hereditary alopecia, generally male, is more difficult to treat if well advanced. It is better to intervene before. Generally speaking, the more the treatment is done early the better are the chances to keep your hair.

Moreover, mesotherapy can be practiced aloe in minor cases, but also as a supplement of hair grafting when the latter is compulsory.



We notice in more than 90% of the cases a stop of the hair loss. A regrowth can even be observed in numerous cases that are not at a very advanced stage.


3 to 4 sessions are enough to slow the hair loss, the scalp becomes healthier.

We can observe a decrease in seborrhea and in itching, shampoos are spaced out.

Hair quality improves.


3 months are necessary in order to observe a significant regrowth. Except for pregnancy consequences when treatment does not need to be prolonged, the maintenance sessions are vital to maintain the results.

The younger the patient, the quicker the improvement becomes visible.

Mesotherapy session frequency

Generally we do 4 sessions spaced out of one week then 4 sessions spaced out of two weeks. In the case of male, hormonal or hereditary alopecia, we will continue with one session either each month, either by group of 3 to 4 closer sessions twice a year.


Superficial injections consisting in a nutritional and revitalizing combination made from a vasodilator and vitamins are done with a syringe with a very thin and short single-use needle. This will trigger the scalp’s hyper vascularization and will contribute to a better nutrient intake by the hair bulb and to its reinforcement.

Our advice

Wash your hair before the session. Bring a detangling comb (in order to facilitate the injections “part by part”). Avoid all aggressive products for 24 hours after the procedure.

Mesotherapy in Toulouse against hair loss - Doctor Germain