What is a chemical peel?

In Toulouse, Doctor Germain uses chemical peels to brighten up the complexion of damaged skins or with spots due to sun exposure, pollution or tobacco. Chemical peel is one of the oldest techniques developed by man to fight against skin aging. The skin surface becomes smoother due to the chemical peel action on keratinocytes and on stimulating the dermal syntheses. Its benefits go from the simple cell renewal to complete skin renewal. The word “peel” comes from the Latin “pellis” meaning “skin”.


In aesthetic medicine, the chemical peel is the act of skin smoothing obtained by exfoliating the superficial layer of the skin with a synthetic acid or with a natural acid.


The purpose is to restore radiance to the skin and to give the face, the neck and the cleavage a smooth, young and colorful look.


By accelerating the skin renewal, the chemical peel allows to eliminate superficial and in depth wrinkles, age spots, acne marks and certain scars. It has a restructuring effect (lifting effect). It is generally used for the face, but can also treat the hands, the neck and the cleavage.

Different chemical peel techniques

Chemical peels with fruit acids (Alpha Hydroxy Acids - AHAs)

These natural products are reliable and very effecient. Obtained from sugar cane, beet or grape extract, the glycolic acid (the most commonly used) allows to brighten up and to even the complexion. It can reduce the wrinkles, the acne marks and hyperpigmentation. This mild peel that removes only the superficial skin layers is perfectly well tolerated.

Chemical peels with trichloroacetic acid (TCA)

This is a medical peel and the concentration of TCA varies between 15%, 25%, 30% or 40% according to the depth of the action. Perfect for fair skins, it can be done all year round.


We can distinguish 3 types of peel according to the type of skin: mild, medium and deep.


  • Mild peels can be compared to glycolic acid peels.


  • Medium peels allow to unclog the pores, to eliminate impurities and excess sebum in the case of acne. They allow to even the complexion and to improve scars and spots due to sun exposure.


  • Deep peels present all advantages presented above, but are even more efficient: they remove or diminish scars, as well as deep acne marks.


The technique is simple: we apply an exfoliating substance in order to obtain a controlled shedding of horny cells followed by skin rehydration and wrinkle filling.


The sessions last 30 minutes. On average, you need 4 sessions spaced out of one week during the “attack” phase for mild peels and one session a year for deeper peels.


A preparatory treatment of 3 weeks based on creams to apply by yourself is recommended in certain cases. It is preferable to do the treatment in winter because you need to avoid all sun exposure after a chemical peel.


According to the techniques used, the effects are different: similar to sunburn after a mild TCA peel; a light shedding (3 to 5 days) for a medium TCA peel; a genuine “sloughing” for a deep TCA peel. This last intervention requires a sick leave for a few days unlike the others.

A sunscreen is necessary between each session and afterwards for 3 months. You need to avoid direct sun exposure. Do not scratch or rip off the skin that peels.


Contraindications are different and depend on the peel level used. But chemical peels are mainly contraindicated for patients suffering of healing problems or lymphatic system disorders, for patients under acne treatment, for pregnant women, for black or brown skin persons due to risks of depigmentation.

Our advice

Chemical peels (medium or deep) are medical treatments and need a medical follow-up during the entire period. The products used are tricky to handle and require a lot of know-how and experience.


An anti-aging treatment through chemical peels can be harmoniously combined with anti-wrinkle injections and facial filler injections. These noninvasive techniques allow to rejuvenate the face, the cleavage and the hands while respecting the skin and maintaining the natural look of facial expressions.

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