What is mesolift (aesthetic mesotherapy)?

Doctor Germain in Toulouse recommends aesthetic mesotherapy for the treatment of facial, hands, neck or cleavage skin aging. It is an anti-aging medicine technique, effecient and safe.


Mesolift is a revitalization treatment used in facial rejuvenation and in preventing facial aging. It consists in applying with a mesotherapy syringe a revitalizing cocktail made of vitamins, minerals and of hyaluronic acid in order to rehydrate in depth.


This skin rejuvenation technique is part of the mesotherapy developed during the 50’s. Present in numerous medicine fields, we use it for about twenty years in aesthetic medicine for skin treatment. Being defined as the technique “little, rarely, in the good spot”, it consists in injecting a nutrient and revitalizing mixture with a thin needle, in the facial dermis, but also in the cleavage or the arm interior, on the back of the hands. This cocktail, made according to the patient’s needs and to the condition of his skin, is made of products that stimulate skin microcirculation, oxygenation and collagen production. In order to obtain a filling and hydrating effect, we add hyaluronic acid.

What happens during a Mesolift session?

The technique consists in injecting small quantities of product in the dermis with a very thin needle. The doctor can work manually or with a medical jet system specifically adapted to mesotherapy, less painful for the patient. The injections are done along the wrinkles then on all face parts through the multi-puncture, threading and micro-papular technique, in a combined manner for a better result. An anesthetic cream can be prescribed.

Mesolift gives very good results on skins that are thin, dry and lifeless, damaged by the sun or by the cold and asphyxiated smokers’ skins because it gives color to the complexion and reduces the wrinkles. It is ideal to restore radiance and to tone up facial skin.


On average a session lasts 20 minutes. The treatment consists in 4 to 6 sessions spaced out of 15 days, then a follow-up session every two months. The healthy glow effect generally lasts 15 days after one session and increases as the treatment advances.

Side effects and contraindications

Mesolift has little side effects: injections can cause small bruises for several days and local redness due to allergy to one product, especially to vitamin B. Mesolift is not recommended for pregnant women, for those suffering of eczema, of skin infection and of recently treated cancer.

Our advice

48 hours before the session avoid taking aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs. This safe method can be repeated without any problem. It is recommended for men as well as women. Mesolift, whose name is the contraction between mesotherapy and lift, can contribute to stalling facial aesthetic surgery such as cervical-facial lifting. As sessions are done, mesolift, through its hydration action, improves skin quality on the long term. It is a noninvasive and anesthesia free technique quite the opposite of surgery.


The price of a treatment session will fluctuate depending on the quantity of ampoules used: 1 ampoule: 110 €.

Mesolift in Toulouse: facial rejuvenation by Dr. Germain