Wrinkles and aging: anti-aging solutions

Everybody gets old, but we are not all equal in what concerns aging. Women age faster than men and certain people age more rapidly than others due to a genetic predisposition.


Doctor Germain proposes aesthetic and anti-aging medical treatments in Toulouse. He trained at the National College of Aesthetic Medicine (French acronym CNME) and he obtained an Inter-University Diploma in Morphological and Anti-aging Medicine. Nowadays, the non-surgical wrinkle treatment offers a wide range of solutions; the new volumetric techniques are the most demanded.


Amongst the methods of aesthetic medicine we can list: filling methods (injections with absorbable or non-absorbable fillers, with fat, etc.), subtraction methods (peeling, laser resurfacing and microdermabrasion), that do not require an operating room. All the products used for these medical treatments are of medical usage, meaning that only doctors are authorized to use them.


In concrete terms, aesthetic medicine proposes different types of non-invasive and non-surgical treatments that allow to replace and delay surgical interventions to your advantage. Aesthetic medicine is practiced at the doctor’s office. The treatments are light and do not require hospitalization. Proven for several years now, the techniques are safe and rely upon absorbable products which guarantee treatment security. The products can be combined in order to obtain the best results possible.


According to your age and the issues to treat, we can essentially distinguish the following main categories:

Aesthetic mesotherapy also called Mesolift or Skin booster

This technique allows the treatment of facial wrinkles and fine lines and restores complexion radiance. It consists in a series of microinjections of a vitamin cocktail combined with hyaluronic acid that regenerates and moisturizes the face in depth. It is often the first step towards other aesthetic medicine treatments. In depth moisturizing obtained through mesolift has an immediate healthy glow effect and allows skin collagen regeneration.

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Collapse of the face, the solution exists

In 27/30 years and even from 25 years, certain women and the men notices an aspect "bad appearance" or observes a tired expression registered on their face. He is then to notice the beginning of collapse of their cheekbones and their cheeks, which can be due to strong weighty variations or simply due to a heredity which they already know at other member of their family.

What can I do?

In spite of a request justified of patient, no serious doctor will envisage at this age a surgical face-lift.


To answer effectively this request, the esthetic medicine proposes different typical of not invasive and not surgical treatments which allow to replace and to delay advantageously acts of surgery.


The best solution, is to begin with injections of acid hyaluronique which will allow to restore the volumetry of the face. So mini-injections of Botulinal Toxin can be recommended not to let expression wrinkles settle down. The purpose is to have fewer less deep wrinkles.


These products used for these acts are of the medical use, that is only the doctors are authorized to use them.


This method of filling is going to restore smoothly the volume of cheekbones and cheeks prematurely subsided. The patient will find the oval of the face as well as the shape of his cheekbones while obtaining a general harmony of the forms and a natural aspect of the face.

The request is reasonable ?

This request is neither excessive nor irrational. She must be heard, understood and aswered.


It is about acts light which require no hospitalization. Techniques experienced for several years are safe and call on to absorbable products what confers a big safety on treatments. These can be combined to obtain the possible better results.

By whom ?

Doctor Germain proposes you treatments in esthetic and anti-ageing medicine in Toulouse. He followed the middle college of esthetic medicine and he is a graduate Inter-Universitaire of Morphological and anti-ageing Medicine. He can advise to you to allow to find a more rested face.

Hyaluronic acid for wrinkle filling and restoring facial volumes

Well known in the universe of cosmetics and of aesthetic medicine, this molecule from the family of polysaccharides (or sugar) is not that young. It has been known since 1934. It is naturally present in the human body: around joints, in the eyeballs, in the muscles, but it is the skin that contains the highest quantity. It is a water retainer that allows to maintain the skin well moisturized. But with age its quantity gradually decreases in the body. By the time we reach 50, we exhausted almost half of our reserves.


In aesthetic medicine, it is the first tool in the treatment of wrinkles and grooves through filling. It is also used as a filling product to replacing collagen and thus enabling, in this precise case, to restore facial volumes. Injected as a gel, the hyaluronic acid is very well tolerated, removing the necessity of an allergy test beforehand. Harmless for the body, the hyaluronic acid used in the office is 100% biodegradable and side effects are minimal, which represents a security for the patient. In addition, he is certain that he will not suffer irreversible and unsightly facial changes.

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Botulinum Toxin

More known by the wide public under the commercial name of Botox®, allows to fight against fine expression wrinkle: lion’s wrinkles (between the eyebrows), crow’s feet (eyes’ corners) and forehead. Botox is equally indicated in the treatment of excessive sweating.


Nowadays, scientific journals also confirm the interest of Botox® injections in the armpits for the treatment of excessive sweating, also known as axillary hyperhidrosis.

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