Aging approach through aesthetic medicine

Doctor Germain welcomes you in Toulouse in his aesthetic medicine office. Thanks to his several diplomas in morphological and anti-aging medicine, in aesthetic laser medicine, in mesotherapy and in nutrition, Doctor Germain offers you a comprehensive and personalized approach at the service of your well-being and beauty.

Looking younger without surgery through aesthetic medicine

Doctor Germain is an expert in laser hair removal. This technique makes it possible to permanently get rid of embarrassing hairiness. It represents a considerable comfort offered to women (legs, armpits, bikini line), but also to men (shoulders, back, chest, etc.). The protocol is done in several sessions according to the body area to be epilated and to the hairiness. The rhythm of the sessions is given by the hair growth cycle of the areas to be treated because the laser only removes the hairs in growth phase. A specific medical appointment with Doctor Germain, which will enable treatment planning, will precede all laser hair removal protocol.


It is important to specify that, according to the current legislation, all laser hair removal activities are realized exclusively by Doctor Germain in person and in our office absolutely no delegation of this activity to non-doctor staff is practiced: a guarantee for your comfort and security.


The office is equipped with a hair removal laser device and not with an intense pulsed light (IPL) epilator that can be found in non-medical beauty institutes. Only the hair removal laser devices have enough power to enable a genuinely permanent hair removal.


To get more information on laser hair removal, please refer to the chapter dedicated to hair removal on our web site. In order to know the prices of laser hair removal please refer to the pages prices for women and prices for men.


Aesthetic medicine: non-invasive and safe treatments

The arrival of the anti-wrinkle treatments (processings) (acid hyaluronique) considerably favored the development of the esthetic medicine in Europe and in France in particular since about twenty years. Treatments(processings) became refined, diversified, for more natural and more personalized results(profits). Used or in addition, or in prevention of the plastic surgery for which she can establish(constitute) a real alternative, the esthetic medicine saw its activity increasing considerably these last years so much products and used devices progress in performance.


The esthetic medicine is constantly evolving and new techniques appear regularly. Today, products felt(experienced) as Botox for example showed their ability in the treatment(processing) of forehead wrinkles. Most of the time we combine(organize) these products to obtain a personalized result(profit) following the indications of ageing of every patient.


Unlike the esthetic concept itself of medicine which is not recognized as a speciality, the diploma of Morphological and anti-ageing Medicine was approved, in 2006, by the National council of the order of the Doctors. This medicine was born, there is around thirty years, further to the patients' increasing request to being able to age healthy and in a the most harmonious possible way. The morphological medicine warns the external and visible effects of the age. The anti-ageing medicine attacks the internal effects. These two steps aim at improving durably the quality of life of the patient.

Other fields of intervention of Doctor Germain

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